Mayawati: Love her or Hate her, but you can not ignore her!

Now a days, there has been a lot of fuss about none other than the honourable Chief Minister of UP, Behen Mayawati. A lot of bad mouthing about Kumari Mayawati is doing rounds in the social media. According to Behenji, this is the handiwork of people with ‘manuwadi’ mentality. But see, these manuwadi people never mention about Behenji’s achievements. There are so many of them that I don’t know where to start with. She has authored two books which are available in both Hindi as well as English editions. May be these books have grown so much in popularity that the profits earned from these books have been used in part to make a currency garland reportedly worth Rs. 5 Crore to welcome Behenji in Maha rally to mark the BSP’s 25th anniversary celebrations.

But let me remind you, writing books is not her key skill.  Her key skill lies in organising mammoth rallies. It is this very skill only which has made her enter into Limca Book of Records. In 2006, Behenji brought BSP into Limca Book of Records for organising largest political rally comprising of over 5.76 lakh people! I wonder if she has so good human mobilization skills, why doesn’t ISB, XLRI and IIMs invite her for guest lectures in subjects like HR. May be she is so much pre-occupied that even these B-Schools recognise it. What I feel is that when there are lakhs of people to listen to Mayawati in her rallies, why should she go for a guest lecture in ISB, XLRI or IIMs where there will be an audience of at most a few hundred people.

One shouldn’t get complacent with one’s success. Perhaps, it is this very mantra only which has kept Behenji going. That is why she wanted to outdo her past record of organising gathering of over 5.76 lakh people, by planning a Maha rally with an expected turnout of 20 lakh people on March 15, 2010. The UP government had declared March 15 a public holiday in view of this expected turnout. But much to everyone’s surprise, only two lakh people turned up, if media reports are to be believed. May be weather conditions were not that suitable for a rally at this juncture, otherwise, she would have made BSP enter into Limca Book of Records again by outdoing her own past record. But mind it, this figure of 2 lakhs doesn’t include the swarm of bees that kept hovering around Behenji’s rally! We could see the inconvenience caused by their unexpected arrival as due arrangements were not made for them. May be from next time, functionaries of Mayawati’s party will make arrangements for bees also.

But probably, this time she made another record of being the only Indian politician to be welcomed with a garland of currency notes reportedly worth Rs. 5 Crore (Who knows, the garland may be worth more than Rs.5 Crore also!). Instead of making entry to Limca Book of Records, Behenji’s BSP made an entry to the books of the Income Tax department this time. I think it’s only a matter of time before Mayawati enters into Guinness Book of World Records. I wish Behenji good luck in all her future endeavours and sincerely hope that she will not disappoint her followers as well as detractors with manuwadi mentality!

Love Behenji or Hate Behenji , but you can not Ignore Behenji !

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  1. Very soon she’d become the most googled and search friendly keyword and will have another record to her name. Who knows “mayawati” could be included as a verb or adjective in the English.

    Mayawati as verb – One has to mayawati his way out of troubles.

    Mayawati as adjective – That garland is so mayawati, where did u buy it from?


    • I fully agree with Pagal Patrakar Ji of FakingNews! Not only keyword, Mayawati can become another search engine also, giving strong competition to Google. May be we’ll be doing “Mayawating” instead of Googling sometime in future!!!


  2. Posted by aseemrastogi2 on March 20, 2010 at 1:43 PM

    Waah waah sir…really funny, witty and interesting post 🙂


  3. Posted by Prabhat on March 20, 2010 at 1:53 PM

    he he…good one Jindal sir and I totally agree with Mr Pagal Patrakar (Comment #1)..


  4. Nice post…
    I agree to it that she is unignorable


  5. Nice post and Pagal Patrakar’s comment was really witty.


  6. Seems people are paying more attention to Pagal Patrakar’s comments than to my blog post. LOL 🙂
    But, let me tell you, Pagal Patrakar writes really very witty, interesting and enjoyable stuff. Those who have not read Pagal Patrakar’s interview with Behen Mayawati, they should definitely go through the URL:


  7. @VJ: Just a few days back, I’d actually googled about Pagal Patarkar. So, it was a pleasant surprise to come across his comment on your post. Had first came across his Faking News thru the Axe deodrant arti….hey, you only had sent it to us, right?


    • Yeah, right! I had sent you the “Axe” article. But I didn’t know myself about Faking News at that point of time because I had only forwarded the article I received on my mail and I assumed the news item to be authentic! I But I can still remember that it was a very well written article. Your recollection power is awesome, I must say!


  8. Posted by Amol Ohal on February 25, 2011 at 4:05 PM

    It is Very true.


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