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Problems Galore and No Problem has a Simple Solution!!!

Everyone in this world has his own problems. Even before taking the birth, a human-being start creating the problems in the womb of the mother. The problems are bound to originate. Where there are humans, there are problems. If I talk in the language of Mathematics, I would say that there can be four possibilities: A complex problem and a complex solution, a complex problem and a simple solution, a simple problem and a complex solution and finally a simple problem and a simple solution. The irony is that none of the human problems has a simple solution. May be we make the problems so complicated that it becomes difficult to find the solution or may be we are not willing to settle for the simpler solutions.

Day before yesterday I was having a talk with one of my friends whose father is planning to wed her sometime soon. Interestingly, her problem looked simple at the first instance as she was ready to go for the arranged marriage, but when she started narrating her constraints I thought even her problem was not as simple as I initially thought it to be. Let’s have peek into my conversation with her:

I: Saw your college pics yesterday… you were looking quite slim! 🙂

Friend: Oh… thanks! BTW, I look good now also nah?

I: Yeah…definitely! (With sarcasm)

I: So, when will you get married?

Friend: Probably by Jan 2011.

I: Oh… that’s great. Abhi ladke ko khojna hai ya dhoond liya hai?

Friend: Yaar! Abhi dhoondna hai. Mera BF nahi hai… But there was one guy who wanted to propose me… Is se pehle ki vo mujhe propose karta, maine use bhaga diya.

I: Whatttt? Why?

Friend: Because he was not tall… and I like tall guys.

I: Oh… is it? (I started thinking about my height and thought that at “5 ft 8.5 in” I didn’t stand any chance even if I wished to)

Friend: Are yaar kuch din pehle mere dad ek 6’6″ ladke ko le aaye… Main to uske saamne bachchi lag rahi thi…

Friend: And you know, one family came yesterday to see me. Aur ladka mere se pooch raha tha ki vo mujhe kaisa laga…

I: What did you say then?

Friend: I told him that I have just seen him. Aur vo bolta hai “har roz meri photo ko dekha karo… apne aap achcha lagna shuru ho jaunga”… What nonsense? I can’t marry such guys!

I: Of course! Definitely not!

And then she mentioned a whole lot of mind-boggling other constraints also! I said to myself, “Leave alone humans, even God will find it difficult to solve such kind of complex problems!”. I am freely putting this conversation that I had with a friend of mine for the simple reason that she is not going to read my blog post as she is too busy looking to satisfy her objective function subject to her large number of constraints. And even if she does read, she won’t mind! 🙂

Let me narrate you another interesting piece. Some days back, I happened to get the reply for one of my questions from the famous playback singer Asha Bhosle. I posed the question to Lata Mangeshkar, along with the mention of her sister Asha Bhosle, as to why she didn’t follow her sister on Twitter. However, I got the reply from Asha Bhosle (See the following tweet conversation).

Asha Bhosle was very frank to admit the sour relationship with her sister. Her reply was in the form of an English version of a typical Hindi idiom “Ek miyan me do talwaren nahi reh sakti“. I liked the frankness in her response. However, if that has to be the case, I couldn’t understand as to why Asha Bhosle was following her sister Lata. May be Asha Bhosle wants to keep a vigil on the tweets of her didi. Whatever the case be, it’s none of my business. But one thing is for sure that there are certainly problems in the relationship between the two sisters.

The God created the complex humans and humans in turn created the complex problems and even complex solutions. We need to change our perception about our problems if we have to handle them effectively and find an amicable solution.

The way we see the problem is the problem. ~ Stephen R. Covey