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Book Review: The Habit of Winning by Prakash Iyer

Prakash Iyer’s new book is an interesting read for all those keen to develop themselves as successful leaders and managers. The author talks about several contemporary real-life stories from diverse areas including those which made a huge impact on his personal as well as professional life. The book is divided into 11 sections and each section has a number of well-written inspirational and motivational short-stories ranging from perseverance and self-belief to leadership and team-work.  Each of the stories culminates in a new lesson.

Prakash has used the simple language which makes the book easy to read. The author’s 25-year corporate stint has come handy while carefully choosing the enriching stories to demonstrate the lessons and get them registered in the minds of the readers. The way he has put-forth his learnings and ideas through awe-inspiring stories really deserves appreciation. The analogies drawn from the stories of people and other living beings to one’s personal and professional life fit really well. Being an avid Cricket fan, Prakash has cited several stories from the game of Cricket and explains how we can learn lessons from some of the Cricket players who have demonstrated their capabilities and attitude in the tough and demanding times. Needless to say, Cricket fans will like the book even more.

I found section-I of the book amongst one of the most interesting parts of the book. It talks about as to how one is made to perceive his role in an organization – Being just limited to his set of responsibilities (e.g. stone-breaker) or extending to help build the organization (e.g. builders of the world’s tallest cathedral)? This is of vital importance for an organization to tread on the path of achieving its vision and goals.  The section goes on to talk about the importance of setting goals by citing that even the best mountain-climbing equipment is of little use if you don’t have a mountain to climb. Then, it calls for being focused and persistent to achieve these goals. The section ends by outlining the lesson that in one’s pursuit to achieve his goal, he should change his tactics, but shouldn’t change the goal itself.

Before reading the book, I was inclined towards the view of one school of thought that leadership can not be learnt. However, after carefully reading through the book, I now feel that leadership can be learnt provided one follows the lessons outlined in the book by Prakash. I firmy subscribe to the author’s view that there is a genius inside each one of us and it’s just a matter of setting this genius free to evolve into a winner. Personally, I have gained immensely by going through the stories put forth by the author. I commend him for coming out with this book which, I am sure, will benefit the readers immensely.

All in all, the book serves a wonderful means for anyone interested in bringing out the  best in himself by shaping up his managerial and leadership abilities.

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